Tips and Tricks for Retaining Fixed Term Employees

August 23, 2021 ProgressionHR

Making the most of fixed term staff.

We are hearing about an increase in instances of fixed term contractors jumping ship well before their end date. And given that the fixed term HR candidate market is incredibly short, we thought we’d share some ideas around finding and retaining your fixed termer. We hope they come in handy!

Be prepared to pay a premium.

To attract quality contractors in the first place, paying a premium hourly rate is expected. If you’re paying a standard full-time rate, filling that role may be a challenge.

Consider a completion bonus.

To make contracts more attractive (and get people to stick around), consider offering a bonus that’s payable on completion.

Proper induction.

As the employee is only joining you for a fixed term, it may be tempting to skip a proper induction. But we know that candidates who have a great experience in the onboarding and induction phase are more loyal and committed to their employers – which is critical in having someone stay to the end of their fixed term.

Flexibility is key.

Top of the list for almost every candidate we’re speaking to is some form of flexibility – whether it is shifting start/finish times or having the opportunity to work from home from time to time. If you don’t offer flexibility, you’ll be missing out on some great talent.

Treat them like an employee.

While your fixed termer isn’t going to be permanently on the payroll, treating them like an employee will gain their engagement and buy in, helping them to feel part of the team and committed to seeing their contract through.

Review notice periods.

Most fixed-term contracts come with a notice period that applies to both the employer and the contractor. If you’re having issues with ‘early leavers’, you may need to tighten up contractual obligations.

Create a win/win situation.

The trick is making fixed-term employment work for both employer and employee. Understanding the motivations of each party is vital. As is using some creativity to draft up contracts and creating a work environment they want to be part of.

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