We’re as honest as the day is long.

You can do everything exceptionally well, but unless you can draw from an extensive pool of first-class talent, you’ll always fall short. Over the years, we’ve grown our pool of HR professionals – and can confidently say that it’s unmatched by any recruitment company in New Zealand. And it’s not just sheer numbers – along the way we’ve recorded a wealth of notes and details that help us build a comprehensive picture of every candidate we know.
We’re as honest as the day is long. We operate with a rock solid set of values. We give our honest opinion and will let you know whether you’re on the right track.


Call it woman’s intuition.

In short ‘we look past the paper’. Why? Because we’ve been in the recruitment business for long enough to know that the best CV or work history doesn’t automatically mean that person is the best fit for the job. So while we have a robust set of processes to qualify people for a position, a significant part of our decision comes down to a ‘gut feel’ which is really our finely tuned radar that we’ve acquired and developed over literally thousands of interviews, recruitment processes and interactions with HR practitioners.


The right result comes first.

When we’re engaged with a candidate or client, our motivation is to achieve the best possible outcome for both parties. This might sound a bit obvious, but in some environments, earning a commission on placement is the focus. At ProgressionHR, we’re prepared to go the extra mile and give our best. And because the right result is always our number one priority, you have peace of mind knowing we always have your best interests at heart.