We believe the right job can change your life.

At ProgressionHR we will live by this mantra. Quite simply, we love the recruitment industry and in particular we love HR recruitment. Together, it’s been our specialty for over 30 years. Because we have such a passion for our work, we go the extra mile for the companies and candidates we work alongside. And because we go the extra mile, we get the results that leave everyone smiling – including us!

For a good honest conversation about your career or your company’s HR requirements, simply give us a call.

Laura & Kelly


HR Professionals seeking a role

If you’re an HR professional seeking a fresh challenge, we can help you find the role and company that matches your skillset, passion and aspirations. If you’re ready to take the next step but aren’t sure which direction to take, we can also provide career guidance and support. We have a wealth of knowledge  and experience to help you move on with more confidence. Talk to us about your next role.

Organisations seeking HR Talent

New Zealand has a pool of highly-skilled HR talent but the trick is finding a person who is passionate about your business and shares the characteristics that you value. As genuine HR recruitment specialists, we honed this skill over many years. We can tap into a vast HR network and we have the intuition to make your next hire a success. Talk to us about your next HR hire.

 What people have said about us.

“I believe I got the right candidate because of Laura’s extensive connections in the HR world and the fact that she really understands my business.”

Emma GibbinsHR Director

“Kelly knows me, understands my leadership and what I’m looking for in a candidate. I trust Kelly and I appreciate her upfront, honest approach.”

Huma HoughtonGM Human Resources

“Progression HR is a great agency. They take time to understand what you’re looking for and their reliability is second to none.”

Brynlea Hunter-MorpethChief People & Culture Manager

HR Knowledge

Every month we look at how people and organisations work and the changes that workplaces will face in the future. We hope you enjoy the read!

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Stay Interviews

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