The Specialist HR Recruiters

The people working in HR spend their days working with for and with others, for the benefit of the company and staff. Which is important. But then who spends their time helping the HR specialists build their own careers?

In a nutshell…we do!

Big, medium and small – there are a multitude of companies and consultants working across the recruitment industry. But despite the high number of practitioners, very few specialise in the recruitment of HR professionals. In fact, we are only one of a few companies in New Zealand that can honestly claim to be solely focussed on HR recruitment.

So how did this story start?

Looking for a career change, we both found HR recruitment. And soon fell in love with it. We both got a big buzz from interacting with a huge variety of people, working closely with different businesses and helping both achieve their goals.When we saw a gap in the market, for a more intimate and personal recruitment service that catered specifically to the HR industry, we decided to establish ProgressionHR.

Our aim was to create a central place where human resources professionals could discuss their careers with people who understood where they were coming from. And where companies could talk through their business requirements and find a solution that met their specific demands.

Being small, we have been able to provide a superior level of personal attention and do so in a friendly, non-corporate environment.

If you’re an HR professional looking to take your next step, or a company seeking top HR talent, simply give us call.