Time To Marie Kondo Your Career


It’s the New Year. The holidays have come and gone. Now you’re back in the swing of things you realise you’re no longer satisfied in your role. You want something more. Perhaps it’s time to shake up your current role. Maybe it’s time to find a new one. As Marie Kondo asks us, “If something no longer makes you happy in your life, why would you hang on to it?” The New Year is a good time to make a change. It’s time to apply the KonMari Method to your career for a life that Sparks Joy! Read More

Why wellness at work is no longer just about health

Human Resources, ProgressionHR

Wellness programmes have been part of HR’s mission since the 1970s, especially in the US. These programmes coincided with research that revealed what the cost of poor employee health on a company’s bottom line was, and with the rising culture of fitness in the seventies.

Up until ten or 15 years ago, wellness programmes revolved around health, focusing on things like losing weight, stopping smoking or general fitness and a discounted gym membership for employees.

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Why moving premises is an opportunity for change you shouldn’t miss


Bustin’ a Move!

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk with Daniel Love, Executive Director of Elevate. Elevate are specialists in workplace strategy, technology, culture and change.

As most organisations will move premises as they grow or their needs change, we wanted to know what insights Daniel had to share that could help a business make the most of this new beginning. Here’s what we learnt…

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What is Agile and what does it mean to you?


You may have noticed, for a while now a new buzzword is being bandied about the office: Agile!

Agile originally comes from software development, where continuous improvement and delivery is the holy grail. A product is never really completed, it just keeps evolving and improving. Just think: 2.0, then comes along 2.1, 2.2 and so on.

The Agile movement has spread from tech departments to become a natural process for companies like Apple, Spotify and Dropbox. But it has also been embraced by more traditional global companies such as Barclays Bank, John Deer and Saab.

Faster, Faster, Faster

The Agile approach is spreading fast, from software development into all areas within organisations. CEOs are talking about Agile as a new way to lead a business. And some business leaders say, it’s needed right now – as we enter a faster and faster age, in which methods built for slow growth won’t work anymore. So, what is Agile…? And what implications does it have for HR?

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Interviewing is a Two-Way Street


It’s often said the employment market is like the housing market: sometimes it’s a sellers’ (employer) market, sometimes it’s a buyers’ (employee) market. With New Zealand’s unemployment rate at its lowest level in nearly a decade*, the employment market remains strong. Many businesses are reporting that it’s harder to find staff than at any time during the last decade.**

As the HR market has tightened and the availability of candidates has reduced, we have noticed that companies who appreciate the interview process is a two-way street, and act accordingly, seem to have the edge over others.

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Why we’ve been thinking about our unconscious bias…


… and what we’d like to share with you

Working in HR, the concept of unconscious bias is something we must be continually aware of and we find a refresher on the subject always helps. Recently, we attended a seminar on unconscious bias that made us take a closer look at our own thinking around how our personal life experiences, our upbringing and our work experience impacts how we view candidates.

The seminar gave us some really useful insights and encouraged us to explore further. We thought it would be helpful to share with you some of what we have been reading and thinking about in this space. So, let’s take a look…

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CV Template – getting your CV right


We get asked for CV templates and tips all the time. We appreciate how much harder it is to put together your own CV rather than helping a friend with theirs. So, here are 12 simple but effective tips to help your CV hit the mark. These are not hard and fast rules, as every job application is different.

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What makes us decide to come back to New Zealand?

Guest Contributor

For years and years we heard about the ‘brain drain.’ That was talented, tertiary qualified Kiwis heading overseas to escape their student loan, experience the big wide world and build their CV along the way. But there was always a flip-side to the ‘brain drain’, because eventually, most of these ex-pats returned home – invigorated, inspired and looking to leverage their skills in the local employment market.

One such expat is Tricia Alach, who we recently met as a ProgressionHR candidate. Back in NZ after 12 years away, Tricia is an accomplished writer who produces her own blog – all about the ups and downs of making the transition back to life in the land of the long white cloud.

She’s been good to enough let us share her latest post:

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Let the good times roll!

ProgressionHR, Recruitment

You’ve found a stand-out candidate. The position has been offered and accepted. They’re excited. You’re excited….but what happens next is often neglected.

It’s the time that passes between the offer and when your new starter joins.

The trick is to keep momentum going in the hiring process – ensuring they maintain their enthusiasm in the weeks before their first day. It also pays to remember that saying goodbye to their current job and work friends can often be an emotional and challenging time.

So here are some ideas to make sure the good times roll!

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Newsflash! Robots not taking over (yet).


Without getting too sci-fi, we believe it is important for anyone in HR, or indeed in any business, to be aware of the changing face of the future workforce. What balance are we going to find between automation and good old fashioned human contact? Will we indeed be replaced by robots?

The look of the future workforce is something on the mind of most HR people grappling with meeting the needs of current business while moving towards a changing future, so this subject stuck with us and got us thinking…

There is an increase in technology and the utilisation of robots to do many jobs that humans are currently doing – all indications are that this will continue to happen in a variety of different work types.

What will be the role of people as this transition works through?

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